Bamberg School District One Virtual/Distance Learning Enrollment Survey 2020-2021


Bamberg School District One is offering a virtual/distance learning option for the 2020-2021 school year for grades K-12. Please complete one form for each child you wish to enroll in virtual learning for the first semester (Fall). A separate form will be sent for the Spring semester. Students in K-8 will remain in the virtual learning program for at least the first nine weeks of school; 9-12 students will remain for the entire Fall semester. K-8 students who want to return to face-to-face instruction after the first nine weeks or at the end of the semester, and 9-12 students who want to return to face-to-face for the Spring semester may have that opportunity, depending on circumstances and on a space-available basis. After submission of this form, you will receive a detailed agreement outlining virtual/distance learning expectations and requirements. 

Click here to complete the survey. 

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