Bamberg County School District Swears in New Board Members

Bamberg County School District Swears in New Board Members

The Bamberg County School Board met Tuesday Night (January 25th) 
to swear in the new school board and continue working towards consolidation. 
The members of the new board are (in alphabetical order): Gwendolyn Bamberg, 
Beverly Bonaparte (Vice-Chair), Harriet Coker, Naomi Eckels, John L. Hiers, 
Tonie Holman (Secretary), Cindy Hurst, Blossom Thompson, and 
Janeth Walker (Board Chair). 

There was an attitude of cooperation and excitement as the board continues to 
serve the students of Bamberg County. Janeth Walker stated, “Our districts have 
served and worked together over the years and, once consolidation became a reality 
for all of us, we began to work closely together and collectively with our vision 
towards becoming one. The first thing that we did was to stabilize the administration 
and then we combined the administration. Now what we are doing is we are stabilizing 
the consolidation. We believe consolidation does not cause problems, what consolidation 
does is that it reveals the weakness that is within a community. Our board, and I believe 
that I can speak for every member here, that we are committed to doing all that we can 
for the children that we will all serve, and I just say thank you for the opportunity. I 
appreciate it so much.”

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New Board Members

Left to Right:  John L. Hiers, Cindy Hurst, Naomi Eckels, Tonie Holman (Secretary), Beverly Bonaparte (Vice-Chair),

Janeth Walker (Board Chair), Blossom Thompson, Gwendolyn Bamberg, and Harriet Coker.